How to Get Noticed by a Record Label

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How to Get Noticed by a Record Label

If you’re a musician, you probably have a dream of being signed by a record label. Unfortunately, you’ve probably discovered that you’re not alone. In order to actually get noticed by a record company, you have to set yourself apart from thousands of other artists who hold your same dream. Here are several steps you can take to help separate you from the rest:
Network, Network, Network

A large part of getting noticed by a record label is getting to know the right people, and you can’t meet those people by being holed up in a studio all day. In order to meet others in the industry, play as many live shows as possible. After shows, make an effort to interact with fans. Fans that get excited about your music are some of your biggest assets. Their enthusiasm and connections can bring you to the very people who can help you make it big.
Make a Good Demo

If you want to get noticed by record labels, you need to make a demo to send them. However, don’t release the demo unless it is the best work you can possibly do, since it will be the only impression you’ll leave with most producers. Fill your demo with three to eight of your best tracks, putting your very best song first. Also, make your work original – that means no instrument presets. While the sound of your demo is important, the demo’s packaging is also very important. Work with a graphic designer to make a slick-looking package. A nice look will show producers that you care about your work, and they should too. Finally, don’t forget to include your contact information on both the demo liner and CD.
Distribute Your Music

The more people who hear your music, the better your chance that the right person will hear it and like it. Not only should you distribute your music to local DJs or radio stations, but you should also try to get your music played at as many clubs and parties as you can. The Internet also provides a great way for your music to get exposure. One of the first things you should do with your songs is put them on social networks MySpace, PureVolume and YouTube. Once your music is online, get involved in music forums and blogs to promote yourself. Bands have been signed to record labels just because the right person liked their music on MySpace.
Constant Improvement

As an artist, it is important to realize that you always have room for improvement. Develop your sound, add songs to your set, and consider getting professional recording training. If you get negative feedback from producers or DJs about your sound, listen. They have been around for years and know what works and what doesn’t. Be patient and learn from your failures. Most artists need years to break into the record business, so don’t get frustrated and give up too soon.
Know Your Sound

If you hope to get a record deal, your sound should fit into a specific genre. Record companies are looking for something that can work on the radio, but also something that doesn’t sound like every other band out there. Develop a specific style that you can call your own, and make sure the songs on your demo reflect that style. Your sound, more than anything, can help set you apart from the thousands of artists just like you clamoring for a record deal.

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